Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Sometimes the MORE is the LESS

Sometimes the MORE is the LESS

It has always been an inconvenient question, disagreement in our industry if a wedding planner should accept commission from vendors they recommend.

I personally believe and I made a pledge 12 years ago that accepting commission is unethical and I will never take any.
In case the couple is aware of the commission - they have been informed by their planner  - then its their decision to go on with those conditions.

I am grateful for having couples who understand the mechanism behind commissions and appreciate my value, our values cause fortunately I am not alone.

By employing a commission based business with vendors we end up living on their work instead of earning the value of our work by engaging the couples directly. 
This way I would never be able to support fully my couples interest. 
What if something goes wrong with the catering ( dirty, used dishes, soup got served cold) and I cannot make a complain at the banquette manager cause I would loose my commission and the 'relationship'..

Wedding is a one time event. We cannot delete awkward scenes , pause or play back. Wedding planning is a huge responsibility, we always have to stand on the bastion as guardians to prevent any inconveniences and make the event unforgettable and smooth. Yes, sometimes we break contract with vendors even a few weeks before the wedding if their attitude and quality doesn’t fit into the couples value. Yes, we had arguments with catering provider, photographer, venue,  if they seemed ignoring the couples wish. Fortunately these examples occur very rare, but wanted to illustrate why we cannot allow kickbacks.

Our job is offer the couple the right vendor suits to their taste, their budget, the location. We have several great suppliers in the industry who I love to work with and recommend them from my heart and not from my pocket.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

WEDDING in the Hungarian PUSZTA

You close your eyes and imagine you feel the silence, sense the peace on your skin. The sun hits your face gently in a way you experience something spiritual, something very clean. Yes, you arrived to the PUSZTA.

It’s been always a great pleasure to leave the city behind to drive to the PUSZTA (50 min drive on the highway).
There is something untouchable that urges me to go and have a deep breath of AIR.

Somehow, everything seems different here: the air, the different sounds of nature unheard in the noise of the city. You feel like floating. You hear the flock of sheep and the sound of KIsber horses prancing in the back. In some areas, the famous Hungarian grey cattle herds wonder around, shepherds shout 
in the distance, whipping the ground calling for the lost ones.    

I met Szandra and Zoli first, as guests an other wonderful wedding (arranged in a barn house, in the middle of the forest with rustic ornaments, seats were made of hays..)

A few months later, they called to ask if I am willing to organize their dream wedding and since I already knew them, loved them as a couple I felt like it was a blessing.

When I found this paradise for Szandra and Zoli I could barely believe my eyes. Before I was just reading about the PUSZTA, I knew about it, but somehow never got the chance to visit it. What a shame!

We have found it - The venue what Szandra and Zoli have been dreaming of!
October wedding, my favorite season. I knew its going to be exceptional.
And it was! It was simply…Magic!
At dawn all plants were covered by frost. Oh, how scared was I for a moment when I looked outside of our small cozy farmhouse (where we stayed with the team). 
I as admiring the wonderful view but for the strong worry in my heart.
I was scared, but at the same time knew somehow the weather will turn around.

It was a lovely , pleasant, autumn afternoon 

This event was a miracle in every single way.

I loved every second of it, and since then, its still one of the most wonderful and beloved wedding I had.

Thank you Szandra and Zoli